Time Winding Down

I see the time winding down

but I still sit

and I wait

my heart wants

to beat


but I slow it


teaching it to wait

It’s workin’

but the time



every time it remembers

the time

how close it is

my heart

wants to pant

wants my breathe

to shorten

so I can’t breathe

but I

slow it down

I talk to it

as I talk to


because as the

Heart wants

to speed up

the limbs

want to contract

it wants to ball

up because

the feeling of time

running out

makes you want

to disappear

but you talk

yourself out of it

you said you wanted

to see

what would happen

so…wait, have faith. ~Kai Mann © 2014        Kaiology #Kaism #Kai2pointO

A Tear Might Fall

I feel so deep

at times

that if

I breathe


too deep

a tear




A Tear Might Fall, Kai Mann © 2014




I hear them in love

call each other


they wouldn’t

in front

of others

but affectionately call each other

bitch (in private)

with laughter

with love

and without hate

or malice