What If This “Is” The Way

Today, in this evening is shared moments between baby boy and I. I haven’t called him that but he and I are sharing space right now and it’s actually quite beautiful. The sun is going down and on the TV is And Bosley is going back and forth between he and I to play asContinue reading “What If This “Is” The Way”

Where’s Kai?

I know that some of you have probably wondered, “where is Kai?”  I’m here. Somewhat in varying degrees of dimensions of what ‘here’ is. I haven’t been on Facebook a lot. Here and there I’ll post but I am in a state of learning and have pulled myself away to get the best education that IContinue reading “Where’s Kai?”

Reflection (2017) Part 2

2017 was like that mother that beat you into submission, but then sat you down to explain ‘why’. Once you understood why it was whipping you into shape, you knew that it wanted you to climb higher into your next level of consciousness. It was the year that demanded you learn. Learn more about yourselfContinue reading “Reflection (2017) Part 2”

Reset or Reboot

I like my privacy so much so that even though I work on the 4th floor I use the bathroom on the 3rd floor because there are less offices on that floor which means less people in the bathroom. (That’s just the precursor) Well, yesterday I walked down the stairs to the 3rd floor andContinue reading “Reset or Reboot”

the Sweet Spot

I just want to get to the Sweet Spot but you can’t get there without ‘growing’ through the rough patches life…boy, sometimes my Heart gets full I want to get it right so bad and when I don’t I want to retreat but I’m trying so hard to do something different even with things testingContinue reading “the Sweet Spot”

My Gift To You

There’s more than enough they make us think its not so they control us everything that we do can be bought but shouldn’t be Each one of us is different unique, in our own way our coding ain’t our DNA If we could reinvent the wheel because we are so different there is no competitionContinue reading “My Gift To You”


When you tell people who you are sometimes you’ll be tested Are you really who you say some want to see if you’ll fail like them we don’t have to do that to one another All we have to do is lift each other up because as we lift one another we both RISE ***KaiologyInk***


Not letting boys express their feelings when their little leads them to imbalance. When they’re older either they fight women or they are way too sensitive. Allow people to be who they are. Correct or adjust the things done wrong with what’s right from the point of realization. ~ #Kaism #Kai2pointO #KaiologyInk


It’s time for some upbeat music I’ve been solemn far too long I want to laugh again throw my head past my shoulders almost hitting myself in the back face toward the ceiling that was some good ole’ laughter not even sure what it was about but I remember how it made me feel IContinue reading “Again”

You Get Used To It

Sometimes you have to do stuff that you don’t like but it’s profitable for you you get to experience something you wouldn’t have if you didn’t it doesn’t always feel good in the beginning a little disproportionate til you grow and expand and begin to fill in places you were lacking or not as fullContinue reading “You Get Used To It”

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