I Come With Words

I come with words spoken and not never to be forgot words in every thought In life my lot Lessons learned I got to change life’s plot I come with words to seek and be sought No price ever bought For the wars I fought The teachings through him I taught I come with wordsContinue reading “I Come With Words”

I like her

I like her even though she’s a brat I see underneath that She is very thankful but knows that she’s not getting anything more than what she deserves for the level she’s on She knows who its from I like her because she’s brave brave enough to say she’s winning we’re too scared to acknowledgeContinue reading “I like her”

Another Level

You know how we get all holier than thou And we think about what we wouldn’t do so but what if the Creator asked you It might seem crazy to everyone else but he wants you to And When you’re done you’ll have gone to a whole other level What if the person who youContinue reading “Another Level”

I’m Ready

I’m ready I wasn’t sure that I’d get here I wasn’t sure because I thought I was further away than I was. Seeking the Universe because I know it’s on my side It’s trying to help me It holds my heart close It keeps me moving forward Sometimes the steps are slow but I’m coming.Continue reading “I’m Ready”

Just Write~September 13, 2013

You ever feel like all that you are and all that you know is changing underneath your feet? I’ve heard for many years about the Creator being the potter and we’re the clay but today, I am totally feeling it.  I feel like I’m being stretched, pulled, and shaped into something brand new and mostContinue reading “Just Write~September 13, 2013”

A Lesson In Friendship~My Sister’s Keeper

I posted last week how I was given the opportunity to speak to a group of young ladies.  Well, during the conversation with them I asked “What is the best thing to do if I have an issue with her (pointing to their coach), talk to her or tell someone else?” Well, a couple ofContinue reading “A Lesson In Friendship~My Sister’s Keeper”