It’s beautiful

she’s not here to do what you’re here to do so you can’t judge her journey only God everybody’s journey is not the same you don’t know who she is, what he gave her to do Or what God has in store for her I still don’t know what will emerge Who knows what partContinue reading “It’s beautiful”

Don’t Rush It

Everyone comes into your life for a reason a part of me wants to know why too soon I decide not to go that route and just let whatever unfold take my time instead of rushing anything I’m starting to feel like I like it better that way I tell myself to pay attention and keepContinue reading “Don’t Rush It”

Let it Rain

{My interpretation} If he told us to be fruitful and multiply he must’ve put seed down in us in order to do so when the seed gets water it is destiny revealed but until that it is destiny concealed There are only two real seasons seed time or harvest time if your destiny hasn’t beenContinue reading “Let it Rain”


Think about things from all angles so that you don’t have to say “I didn’t think of it that way” Extend your thinking past you when you do this it makes it easier to apologize rather than thinking you’re always right. You have to stand in someone else’s shoes, or at least try.  

Anti Industry

Okay, I feel ya They’re regulating what we listen to Telling us what’s good and what’s not so there’s a lot of No’s going on so you have to do you how you can and make room for yourself I feel ya… This is the time that  you go get it because you’re hungry NotContinue reading “Anti Industry”

I Know You

  I know you I know why you said that I remember you you’ve been through a lot so I hear why you’re telling her not to cry but everybody ain’t always as strong as you when you are   it would be nice but it seems that way but it’s not

Old Thoughts

Your mind gets used to thinking a specific way and you have to Consciously change them or you’ll go right back there And old thoughts Bring up old feelings And only the good ones try to keep you there but trust there is a reason why you’re trying not to think those old thoughts

I Want To Know Them

I want to know them I want to talk to them more not everyday but enough enough to know them Know who they are Not just their names And what they do but I want to know what they like I want to hear them I want to know the people that I love deeperContinue reading “I Want To Know Them”

Sometimes I allow my mind to ramble

  Every once in awhile I just let my mind go just so I can see what it is that I am really feeling. As soon as one thought comes, sometimes it goes a little deeper. Here is a part of what I was rambling about the other day while listening to music and typingContinue reading “Sometimes I allow my mind to ramble”