Conversations With Kai Mann- Omari ‘ King Wise’ Barksdale

Tonight’ on Conversations With Kai Mann we talk with Omari ‘King Wise’ Barksdale. His name is no coincidence either. Omari ‘s wisdom never falls on deaf ears as he expresses his thoughts and ideas on empathy, masculinity, misogyny, and even rape. As an activist and community leader he works with the SASHA Center and lendsContinue reading “Conversations With Kai Mann- Omari ‘ King Wise’ Barksdale”

Conversations With Kai Mann- Jesse Cole

On Conversations With Kai Mann we sit down for an awesome conversation with husband, father, author, leadership speaker, and student life coach Jesse Cole. Jesse, known as the “Big Brother” for student leaders; helps young men to lead with no apology. Watch the Conversations With Kai Mann show Wednesdays at 7pm est. for a newContinue reading “Conversations With Kai Mann- Jesse Cole”

Stories on The Live Network

Ever since I was younger it felt like I was the keeper of stories. I never knew what I was to do with these stories but I’d listen anyway. It all started with my aunts. Every summer, Christmas, or Thanksgiving they would always share family stories. I loved hearing about my family. When I wasContinue reading “Stories on The Live Network”

Conversations With Kai Mann- Yusef Bunchy Shakur

We had a compelling conversation with the reformed son of the notorious Zone 8 neighborhood in Detroit; Yusef Bunchy Shakur. Shakur talks about wrestling with demons, accepting the power of who he’s become and being a revolutionary. Watch the Conversations With Kai Mann show Wednesdays at 7pm EST. Yusef Bunchy Shakur YouTube: Host: KaiContinue reading “Conversations With Kai Mann- Yusef Bunchy Shakur”

Conversations With Kai Mann- How Will You Use Your Life

Kai Mann, the host of the show Conversations With Kai Mann has been blessed with the opportunity to talk with some amazing people. This season she has had conversations with people who have had some type of transformation happen in their lives; people that have not only survived but thrived. Kai believes that the thingsContinue reading “Conversations With Kai Mann- How Will You Use Your Life”

Kai Mann Talks Ready Set Flow

Kai Mann talks Ready Set Flow, the second show that premiered on The Live Network in October of 2016. Produced by: Lenderrick Jones Executive Produced by: Kai Mann Creative Director: Yahminah McIntosh

Conversations With Kai Mann- Jo The Giant

Tonight we talk with the 4 foot 6 Giant, Jo The Giant that is! Join us as we talk transformation, healing, relationships, fear, and what it takes to be great. Log on to Every Wednesday at 7pm EST log on to Conversation: Jo The Giant Facebook: @jothegiant Instagram: @jo_the_giant Host: Kai MannContinue reading “Conversations With Kai Mann- Jo The Giant”

Conversations With Kai Mann- Prophet Cedric Wright II

Wednesday, May 25th running behind about fifteen minutes I jump out of my SUV reach into the driver’s backseat, and grab the white dress shirt off the hanger. Quickly I put it on, buttoning it down and slipping the hem of both sides in my jeans. Before shutting both the driver’s front and rear doorsContinue reading “Conversations With Kai Mann- Prophet Cedric Wright II”

The Vehicles To Change

Some time ago I began to understand that I was purposed to be an Inspirationalist; an agent for self-love, self-growth, and change. The platform and ideas the creator would give to me later became vehicles to be used to empower the world to change, build, and grow. In early 2015 I began to plant seedsContinue reading “The Vehicles To Change”