Every time that I do an event, host a show, or anything important, when I get home or the next morning after prayers I go over it in my head. This morning was no different. Last night My co-producer and I had our first film screening for the Cast of The Out Loud In The D documentary and docu-series. After my prayers, I got to thinking about the screening and thought about how it was the same auditorium that I saw Terry McMillan in three years prior. I thought “Wow, how significant is that!” The Creator is so amazing to give us previews of our lives even before it happens. Who knew that three years after seeing Terry McMillan in the Clara J Stanton Auditorium that I would host my first film screening there.

Out Loud In The D

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Who Asked You?~Review

Who Asked You?Who Asked You? by Terry McMillan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Who Asked you was a very good read. I laughed out loud a lot, but I was very disheartened about Mrs. Butler’s daughter Trinetta. I had not expected that. However, the storylines were great and kept me interested in reading further to find out what would happen next especially with the lives of Mrs. Butler’s grandsons. I’m not sure if I was being morbid or not but I wanted to know more about the death of Mr. Butler; it seemed like I turned the page and he was gone. The one thing I really enjoyed about Who Asked you was that we were able to hear the same stories from different perspectives which allowed for the reader to see how differently each character viewed what happened in each situation. The true meaning of there are three sides to a story is absolutely true. Praises Terry McMillan, I love your writing and was pleased with this book.

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