Don’t Get Sucked In

me, GROWING AND PROUD OF MYSELF. This morning I sit and create with the thoughts that God gave me. I am reminded of two videos I started working on for a client late yesterday and how to top them off. And then, my thoughts go to a meeting that I have on Monday. At theContinue reading “Don’t Get Sucked In”

A Lesson On Teaching

The difference between critique and criticism is intent; as with the same when we seek to teach. When we learn the importance of teaching we understand that we don’t seek to “Teach her/him a lesson” but to instruct and give guidance. When we seek to “teach someone a lesson” the lesson loses its effectiveness andContinue reading “A Lesson On Teaching”

Time Winding Down

I see the time winding down but I still sit and I wait my heart wants to beat faster but I slow it down teaching it to wait It’s workin’ but the time still ticks every time it remembers the time how close it is my heart wants to pant wants my breathe to shortenContinue reading “Time Winding Down”