I’ve realized how uncomfortable I get when people talk about other people, be it their clothes, their hair, and especially their personal business. I am not sure when it started, or if that feeling of being uncomfortable was always there lying dormant some place. Lately I’ve noticed it more and more. Now, it’s not toContinue reading “Uncomfortable”

Everything Ain’t Always, Okay

I feel like I can’t talk I just got it but I had no one to tell me but just as you think they got it they don’t This is getting stupid to watch someone keep doing the same stupid stuff over and over Ugh…Kai Mann © 2014 ~Kaiology #Kaism #Kai2pointO

Real Talk

Why don’t we talk real talk to one another why don’t we say what we feel And when can we get to the place where the other is receiving the words the way they were meant. How do we get there By talking and asking questions And waiting for answers Who’s really listening I justContinue reading “Real Talk”

Is it possible

Is it possible to have those types of discussions; every time, all the time, or maybe some time. Is it possible to learn everyday and have something to talk about in-depth all the time or is it better to not talk as much, go off, and learn and when you’re both full you come backContinue reading “Is it possible”

Queen For A Day

Baby girl you deserve to be more than Queen for a day You should be treated like royalty each and every day There’s no need to accept loyalty on occasion Or be treated like currency is your only persuasion On a daily you should be honored and treated with respect And not be hurt byContinue reading “Queen For A Day”

A Lesson In Friendship~My Sister’s Keeper

I posted last week how I was given the opportunity to speak to a group of young ladies.  Well, during the conversation with them I asked “What is the best thing to do if I have an issue with her (pointing to their coach), talk to her or tell someone else?” Well, a couple ofContinue reading “A Lesson In Friendship~My Sister’s Keeper”

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