I Love

I love your hues of brown some light in some places dark in others hues melded together making colors never before seen I love your hands always warm Beautiful but yet strong your feet although worn are like stilts taking you higher Although pain guides them with each step I love your eyes small butContinue reading “I Love”

Not Everyone Can Go

I wish but deeply pray that you could go with me on this journey I don’t know if it is possible for you to ride with me I know you’re not ready I wish you were I secretly pray that you were But you can’t You’re not ready to explore Explore the depths of yourContinue reading “Not Everyone Can Go”


Love was so strong It made it hard for me to breathe But I wanted to I wanted to try To breathe So hard i don’t know what happened It’s like We both stopped Breathing I still can’t breathe I wonder why We forget To breathe Breathing was good Breathing Filled you up From theContinue reading “Breathe”