Our Two Souls Will Leap

I trust that better days are ahead why wouldn’t there be but it doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate now I do it’s my place of learning learning who I am what I’m capable of doing and what I’m doing I’ve had some amazing experiences in life I’ve got to have love like I don’tContinue reading “Our Two Souls Will Leap”

So Open

Heart so open it can feel the pulse of the world it’s so open that it doesn’t care it just wants to love it wants to open further because it feels so good love love from the inside out A pulling A pulling of souls together that it can only stretch And it feels soContinue reading “So Open”

Life Wasn’t Made For Repeat

  It’s important to be To be honest on both occassions The point is to be authentic no matter what I don’t know yet if anyone else Really appreciates it or if I appreciate it more No matter what I want to be honest Sometimes I am more honest than I really meant to beContinue reading “Life Wasn’t Made For Repeat”