Eclectic Thoughts

In order to get out alive you have to have something spirit-filled deep inside of you you have to open up your soul and let everything out even if you got a second chance would you want to take it? Don’t get me wrong It’s not to say that I don’t love life I doContinue reading “Eclectic Thoughts”

Too Much For You

Is this too much for you have I opened my soul too much that you can’t bear it I wonder how many people would just allow you to be you no matter who you are ….free that must be free

Not Everyone Can Go

I wish but deeply pray that you could go with me on this journey I don’t know if it is possible for you to ride with me I know you’re not ready I wish you were I secretly pray that you were But you can’t You’re not ready to explore Explore the depths of yourContinue reading “Not Everyone Can Go”

My Soul Smiles

Today I was given the opportunity to share my accomplishments, hopes, dreams, and latest endeavors with a co-worker. Much to her surprise she had no idea of all the things that I had done and still pray faithfully to do, in what she would call a short time. I shared with her that I feltContinue reading “My Soul Smiles”