Keep Your Head Up

you already know

you can’t let it

make a difference

you knew

it would happen

you didn’t know


don’t be surprised

new devils


new levels

Keep you head up

and keep moving


~ Kaiology

#Kaism #Kai2pointO

All That

Sometimes I want to be laid back

Sometimes I want to be smooth

Sometimes I want to be relaxed

An other times I want to be lighter

without hearing “She don’t know what she want to be.”

“Oh I know all that, I just don’t want to limit myself. “

It’s hard to be yourself


please everyone else

that’s why you have to

make a choice.


or them?

and it’s sad


and all that


why not be happy?

Whatever it took…

Do you?



Sometimes It’s Hard To Watch

My Eye


Sometimes it’s hard to watch

But I gotta keep my eyes open

In case you fall

I can pick you up

Sometimes it’s hard to watch

But I gotta keep my eyes open

Even when you seem to self-destruct

Sometimes it’s hard to watch

Your words come across the screen

Trying to find your own way

But I tell myself that you’re just letting off steam

But still, it’s hard to watch

Even though I know that you’re destined to be King

It’s still hard to watch

Sometimes my hands beg to cover my eyes

But right before they do

I get a wonderful surprise

I realize that no matter what

I want to see it all

So when you’re King

I can remind you how you rose & did not fall

Is it possible


Is it possible to have those types of discussions; every time, all the time, or maybe some time. Is it possible to learn everyday and have something to talk about in-depth all the time or is it better to not talk as much, go off, and learn and when you’re both full you come back together and give it to each other.