Past Thoughts: July 29, 2013

I was talking to my partner about people having love and being too afraid of putting themselves out there because of the what-ifs in life. What if tomorrow we’re no longer together or our situation changes? So, what if it does? We should still show how we feel today, live in the moment of love and appreciate it for what it is when it is. Things are in a constant state of change and what if you show life that you’re in love and it changes for the better and not for the worse that we think that it might.Hand

I’m Next In Line

freight cars on train tracks

The other day while driving I was forced to stop at the railroad tracks while a train was passing. I thought to myself “Well, let me put my car in park, we’re probably going to be here awhile.” I’m not sure how long the car two cars ahead of me had been in line but about 30 seconds after I pulled up the driver of that car pulled his car out of line. He proceeded to turn his car around and go back in the direction in which he came. When the driver drove past the car behind me I looked over and saw the last car on the train about to pass the tracks. As the gates lifted I thought to myself “as soon as the car ahead of me passes, I’m next in line.” How many of us lose our patience with the situation we find ourselves in and get out of line only to find that after you’ve headed back to where you came you could’ve been next in line but someone else was blessed to take your place? Are you next in line?