Birth Chart: Train Up a Child

I ask a couple of questions in the video below that I feel I can ask because I didn’t.  I didn’t know my own power; I didn’t really know who I was. However, I tried to raise my children the same way most people do, with love and no real wisdom of who I wasContinue reading “Birth Chart: Train Up a Child”

Strategies of High Vibrational Libras

Here are some strategies that high vibrating Libras incorporate into their daily lives to effectively manage their work, relationships, and personal growth while minimizing the risk of becoming overwhelmed. Now remember, everyone has Libra in their chart but if you have Libra as your Sun, Rising or Moon sign this information pertains to you asContinue reading “Strategies of High Vibrational Libras”

You Were Born to Win

Speak Like You Know You

Acting like you don’t know who you are, does not allow for real connection. It is surfacey. Some would say, we can’t ever be that open and vulnerable with other people, they may hurt you. I dare to ask, if there are more people that hurt you, then those that try to help, listen, lendContinue reading “Speak Like You Know You”

Fear Speaks Loud

Fear speaks loudly when you don’t allow people to grow past your comfort zones. Finding fault with people who grow past your understanding, intellect, wisdom or ability to change grow and evolve says more about you than them. You must ask yourself “What am I afraid of? ”


When you’re moving in higher spaces there are new things about yourself that you’re going to learn. Just know that when it comes, it’s going to be uncomfortable at first. It’s that part of you that is being called to go further, to get deeper, and to climb higher. Part of it will be theContinue reading “Uncomfortable”

Hurt People, Hurt People

Something I’ve been doing all of my life intentionally is seeking to learn and grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally. As a Scorpio, transformation is part of my make-up. My sun sign sits in my first house so it is inevitable that I require knowledge of self to sustain a true sense of identity, purpose andContinue reading “Hurt People, Hurt People”

Growing With The Flow

Go within and be ruthlessly honest, in a loving way to receive truly profound and lasting healing.

Conversations With Kai Mann- Shoni Davis “Inohs Sivad”

on Nov 23, 2016 You know her as “Inohs Sivad”. Tonight we talk freedom, self awareness, and self sabotage with singer Shoni Davis. If ever there was a time to transform the time is now. Shoni has called upon her higher self to bring forth gifts she never knew she had. Join us for aContinue reading “Conversations With Kai Mann- Shoni Davis “Inohs Sivad””

Self Awareness- Carrying Past Hurts

Self-awareness begins with taking a deep, hard, long look at who you are from the inside out. It’s also about taking the time to know those things that have hurt you, shamed you, made you feel guilty, and understand the pain that you may still carry from those issues. When we don’t take the timeContinue reading “Self Awareness- Carrying Past Hurts”

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