You Were Born to Win

Speak Like You Know You

Acting like you don’t know who you are, does not allow for real connection. It is surfacey. Some would say, we can’t ever be that open and vulnerable with other people, they may hurt you. I dare to ask, if there are more people that hurt you, then those that try to help, listen, lendContinue reading “Speak Like You Know You”


When you’re moving in higher spaces there are new things about yourself that you’re going to learn. Just know that when it comes, it’s going to be uncomfortable at first. It’s that part of you that is being called to go further, to get deeper, and to climb higher. Part of it will be theContinue reading “Uncomfortable”

Hurt People, Hurt People

Something I’ve been doing all of my life intentionally is seeking to learn and grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally. As a Scorpio, transformation is part of my make-up. My sun sign sits in my first house so it is inevitable that I require knowledge of self to sustain a true sense of identity, purpose andContinue reading “Hurt People, Hurt People”

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