Take A Moment

At first it is not always easy to see things as a blessing but if you can take a moment to step outside of the obstacle to see that It’s not blocking All ways just that one then we can heal ourselves a little faster.

Do Something Differently Now

If I knew then what I know now I would do things a little differently Even though The results would be the same ¬†way I did it I would’ve done that I’d give a little more A little more patience It’s amazing how you look at things much later Years Have gone by and youContinue reading “Do Something Differently Now”

Whatchu Looking At?

We don’t really see people because we have short attention spans. We get distracted by their hair and clothing. We’re too busy to see that people are hurt. We are sadder and worse off than they are, (the hurt people) because we`re blind. We can’t see for looking. looking at the wrong things getting distractedContinue reading “Whatchu Looking At?”