InkMann Press- Balance Rewards

  In 2011 I started a publishing company called Scriblical Vibez Publishing. When I wrote out the business plan for Scriblical Vibez nearly five years ago, my plan was to publish my own works; and to help others publish theirs as well. Since then I have grown as an individual, a business, and a brand.Continue reading “InkMann Press- Balance Rewards”


I so want to see it I want to see them all doing well at the same time I want to know if it was worth it I want to see that I don’t mean to be all about that Lord But I want to see that I’m getting weary I know it’s not likeContinue reading “Sacrifice”

Now or Later

Jesus is not free being a follower lends you some sacrifice thatĀ seems sometimes worth it but because of the pain it costs and where it leads you later And you just have to decide which is more important you want it now or later what if now wasn’tĀ even close to later What if you would’veContinue reading “Now or Later”