That’s Hard

You ever hear someone┬ásay something that’s so messed up that all you can say is “Whew!” with your shoulders up to your ears because you were so shocked I don’t know anybody who works for McDonald’s or Burger King But I know one at Wendy’s And I know it must be hard to do thatContinue reading “That’s Hard”

Old Thoughts

Your mind gets used to thinking a specific way and you have to Consciously change them or you’ll go right back there And old thoughts Bring up old feelings And only the good ones try to keep you there but trust there is a reason why you’re trying not to think those old thoughts

I’m Talking To You

  It wouldn’t be nothing if they didn’t have something to say. That’s how you know when everything is going to be alright…when the opposition comes. You’ve been prepped for this and still in hibernation. Don’t let this be the reason you don’t make it. It would be ashame to never get there, especially whenContinue reading “I’m Talking To You”

Don’t Let It Change You

Don’t Let It Change You… You have to become the type of person that even if others don’t support you the way that you support them; that you won’t change because of it. There is a reason you have the kind of spirit (Heart) that you have. (God gave it to you) You MUST learnContinue reading “Don’t Let It Change You”