Have You Ever Had To Apologize?

You ever have to apologize for not being you? Sometime we think we know who we are and then we present ourselves that way and that ain’t even us. We get into relationships portraying who we think that other people want us to be instead of who we really are; til bits and pices ofContinue reading “Have You Ever Had To Apologize?”

It’s My Birthday

I don’t think it’s fair to know something that could possibly help someone else and you don’t share it. What I learn should be shared so that we can start walking more to an enlightened state, rather that ‘base’ thinking we are all doing. I say doing because we post all these wonderful quotes andContinue reading “It’s My Birthday”

You Get Used To It

Sometimes you have to do stuff that you don’t like but it’s profitable for you you get to experience something you wouldn’t have if you didn’t it doesn’t always feel good in the beginning a little disproportionate til you grow and expand and begin to fill in places you were lacking or not as fullContinue reading “You Get Used To It”

listening with my heart

I can see who you trust and I don’t know why you don’t or why you do maybe one day you”ll get to tell me those are the kind of conversations I’d like to have I’d just like to sit and listen with my heart leaving my head to lag behind just a little. listeningContinue reading “listening with my heart”

Put It All Out There

I’m going to just put it all out there I don’t want to put half of it out there and then it goes well and then I don’t know what got me to it so I won’t know what to keep doing so I’d rather just put it all out there at one time andContinue reading “Put It All Out There”