The Consummate Professional

I have to make a confession. Maybe it’s not really a confession and most of you who know me have peeped it out. My partner calls me the consummate professional. I have a serious nature and most people know that but I too have a very silly side as well. My best qualities are thatContinue reading “The Consummate Professional”


In the past because I am an organizer by Nature and like to keep things orderly and professional I used to have issues when things seemed to be in disarray. To help me get through this issue because the world is not orderly, organized or professional all the time the Creator saw fit to introduceContinue reading “Struggle”

I Like What I Like

I love the winter because I can dress more It’s not so casual but it’s not so professional either just cool You can put more pieces together to see how they look I don’t know much about fashion though I just know what I like And it ain’t gotta be What everyone else likes I like whatContinue reading “I Like What I Like”