The Consummate Professional

I have to make a confession. Maybe it’s not really a confession and most of you who know me have peeped it out. My partner calls me the consummate professional. I have a serious nature and most people know that but I too have a very silly side as well. My best qualities are that I have a take charge attitude, and laser-like focus when in business. Being the consummate professional, it has been hard for me to be what one would call ‘personable’ while doing business. This has been something that I’ve had to work on intentionally. Most people who I’ve worked with will tell you that I am professional that’s no doubt but I’ve had to learn to be intentional about asking about their day and how they are doing rather than just getting down to business. I understand that most people want to work with people that they like and enjoy so I’ve had to learn to be more personable in my business dealings rather than being all business and not relational. What have you had to work on personally with regards to business acumen?
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In the past because I am an organizer by Nature and like to keep things orderly and professional I used to have issues when things seemed to be in disarray. To help me get through this issue because the world is not orderly, organized or professional all the time the Creator saw fit to introduce me to one of my biggest challenges.

I worked for a radio station for over a year-and-a-half. We were starting something unique, something that was not going to be done on the scale that we were going to do it. We had such promise. There were many struggles: the equipment didn’t always work as it should, we were late getting on the air, sometimes guests due to time zone differences called in later, we would get to an event and it was not as it was told us that it would be, and there were times we would be missing equipment and would have to run and go purchase it. But those were some of the best times I’ve ever had. I got to work with some amazing people. We made do and of course there were some complaints but that time taught me how to flow through some of the toughest circumstances and not allow the experience to taint whatever we were doing. But most of all I learned that when you’re being Innovative that things will not always go as planned and most of the times that the plans will change after you’ve done a lot of the hard work but when you’re willing to forge ahead instead of it all it creates an intense tenacity and drive in you that it separates the men from the boys. When you’re smart you learn from those experiences and do it better the next time, so I strive to make each project I touch better every time. My strength or Superpower is that I live in a space of innovation and in that space I allow myself to change my mind, to throw away the work, start over, use the work differently, or go with the flow of the Universe. I found that when you’re not stuck to an idea or plan that is where the most creative magic happens and out of it is birthed some of the most beautiful moments in time. If I could change anything I would not, the experience forever solidified that this is what I am to do and I love what I do. #superpower #innovative #trendsetter #empirebuilder


I Like What I Like

I love the winter


I can dress


It’s not so casual

but it’s

not so

professional either



You can put more

pieces together

to see how



I don’t know


about fashion though

I just know

what I like

And it

ain’t gotta be

What everyone



I like what I like

I remember someone


said that

to me

that just sounds

so good

I wear it

how I like


how I want

I like it

I like that about me

I like that I am





it is


I want

to express

at the


I’m expressing it