Nurse me back to health

you ever had someone nurse you back to health from time to time not overwhelming just enough drop something on you allow you to process it and come back later to see how you do with it and lay something else on you have you ever had someone pour water on your dry places they don’tContinue reading “Nurse me back to health”

Snap Out Of It

Shadows in the night that night cries silent muffled doors opening and closing jumps out of barely asleep shadows being watched to see what they’ll do next how do you come back from that How do you ‘snap’ out of it Mountains climbed 3500ft high life on our back snap out of it ***KaiologyInk***

Don’t Rush It

Everyone comes into your life for a reason a part of me wants to know why too soon I decide not to go that route and just let whatever unfold take my time instead of rushing anything I’m starting to feel like I like it better that way I tell myself to pay attention and keepContinue reading “Don’t Rush It”

Gone Far

I wonder why one would go so far and then give up Does that mean I haven’t gone far enough yet that I’m not at my last I pray that it doesn’t take all of that What is it that you have to  know before you make yourself suffer what is it that they sayContinue reading “Gone Far”

Into The Universe

the one thing about placing your words out into the universe they come back to you all kinds of ways some like a gun against you and others to heal and patch you up in order to send you back out. ~ Kaiology #Kaism #Kai2pointO

Can’t Bend Any Lower

I didn’t do the best sometimes I get down on myself because it could’ve been different I don’t know if they would’ve been better but I know that I wouldn’t be here and it’s hard to enjoy here when all the buildings are tumbling down around me because the foundation was shaky from the beginningContinue reading “Can’t Bend Any Lower”

Real Love

You could let life’s trials distract you into sitting still no longer to get up to move forward but to be stuck those who love you will never try to hinder your progress they know how important it is so they help you walk at the times you need it most reminding you of what’sContinue reading “Real Love”