It’s not that you enjoy negative feelings You get used to them and they begin to be more comfortable… Not good But familiar Anything else sometimes isn’t familiar but the more unfamiliar feelings you allow the more you have something New to become familiar with In order to replace that comfort You have to doContinue reading “Familiar”

I Love

I love your hues of brown some light in some places dark in others hues melded together making colors never before seen I love your hands always warm Beautiful but yet strong your feet although worn are like stilts taking you higher Although pain guides them with each step I love your eyes small butContinue reading “I Love”

So Open

Heart so open it can feel the pulse of the world it’s so open that it doesn’t care it just wants to love it wants to open further because it feels so good love love from the inside out A pulling A pulling of souls together that it can only stretch And it feels soContinue reading “So Open”

Some Things Need to be Fought For

I think I got my first “No” today I think I did It didn’t feel too bad I guess because I knew It was coming Everything worth having is worth fighting for Remember that Some things need to be fought for Ne need to worry because I know that it’ll be Alright   Too manyContinue reading “Some Things Need to be Fought For”

A Fight

I don’t want to be like Like everyone else But They want you to be For me It’s almost like A Fight Like I’m constantly fighting to be me and that’s not how it should be I should Just be able to be me without a fight

Another Level

You know how we get all holier than thou And we think about what we wouldn’t do so but what if the Creator asked you It might seem crazy to everyone else but he wants you to And When you’re done you’ll have gone to a whole other level What if the person who youContinue reading “Another Level”

Are You Picking Up What I’m Putting Down

I wish I had someone to do the dumb stuff Like backup my computer This takes too long I was thinking that I could be doing something else when I realized that I am I write so much sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it Today is November 12th, 2013 I look at allContinue reading “Are You Picking Up What I’m Putting Down”