I Wonder How She’s Doing

I hope that all is well

with you

I pray

that life is going to

take you

on the best

journey ever

I think about you

from time to time

and I say

“I wonder how she’s doing”

with a smile on my face

no matter what

I’ve always

think of them

with smiles

and good wishes

It doesn’t do me

any good

 to wish anything else


Ego would do that

making me think

that I was the best person for them

Another Level

You know how we get


holier than thou

And we

think about what

we wouldn’t do


but what if

the Creator asked you

It might seem


to everyone else


he wants you to


When you’re done

you’ll have gone to a whole

other level

What if

the person who you thought

was doing something


or crazy

because you wouldn’t

that God would

What if you

were about to

watch a miracle


I said

“Let me see one”

Who would’ve thought