A Shift Happened

There have been people

to come and help

along the way

I often wonder

if they knew

that’s what

they were doing

my heart

feels it



A shift happened

let’s me


I’ve stepped into

something new

I’m trying to figure

out my rhythm

so excuse

me if I feel




I’ll recalibrate


just gotta get acclimated

but it won’t be




#KaiologyInk #Kaism #Kai2pointO


I don’t know if gifts work

that way

people keep saying

to try and please



instead of trying to please you

I don’t know

something feels weird

about that

just giving ourselves


like that. ~ Kaiology Kai Mann © 2014

#Kaism #Kai2pointO




117I’ve realized how uncomfortable I get when people talk about other people, be it their clothes, their hair, and especially their personal business. I am not sure when it started, or if that feeling of being uncomfortable was always there lying dormant some place. Lately I’ve noticed it more and more. Now, it’s not to say that some things aren’t funny but I think something about laughing at other’s pain, or at their expense is what makes me uncomfortable. Maybe it’s the fact that I realize that if it were me, people would be laughing at me too.

I think we don’t realize each other’s pain. If we did we wouldn’t be laughing right. I see pictures of people at their lowest, the clothes they wear, or the mistakes they’ve made on Facebook and twitter and I scroll passed it fast, so as not to be an accessory or guilty by association.

Everyone doesn’t have what we have. We must first be conscious of that. We have got to understand that some people don’t have jobs or clothes, things have happened in their lives to were loss and lack have permeated their total existence; and we laugh because their clothes are too tight, too small, or too something. We offer these people neither sympathy nor understanding. Maybe it’s because we’ve never been there so it’s a bit hard to understand loss in that particular area. But you have lacked or needed something, haven’t you?

On the other spectrum, to see others expose when some people wear on purpose clothing that are revealing, tacky, or whatever, makes me uncomfortable as well. Not because the person is revealing too much of their assets or what have you, but the person who calls it into attention make me uncomfortable because I’m not sure if they still don’t see the pain of that person.

We go into excessive situations when we are indeed in lack, no father in the home, mother not there to teach us how to be a lady, or whatever the case may be. We expose them without offering them something in exchange; something positive to their negative. I wonder if it would be okay when I see some young girl with her shorts up her spine and a low cut shirt to say “You have the most amazing eyes” if she would focus more on them the next time she decided what to wear.

Well, at least if we decide to say nothing, maybe we should say nothing on Facebook or twitter too. I don’t know, I haven’t tried it but I think I will, next time.



Being of Service Part II

Some people think you


tell people that

or people will

try to use you


Just because I

love to serve

and feel called to do it

doesn’t mean

I’ll let you abuse me


and we have to learn

the difference


being called and being served

Not in a lowly

type of way




in everything that you do



the closer you step to the edge

people notice

but you have to be careful

with that

because it

can go both ways

you’ll be watched

either way

but you

never know

if someone is

going to save you

so if you gonna do it

you better be doing it

for yourself

because you want to

and not nobody else~Pen To Paper ~ A Poetic Journey © Kai Mann 2014

Too Much For You

Is this too much for you

have I

opened my soul

too much

that you

can’t bear it

I wonder how

many people

would just allow

you to be you

no matter

who you are


that must be free

I Want To Know Them

I want to know them

I want to talk to them more

not everyday but enough

enough to know them

Know who they are

Not just their names

And what they do

but I want to know what they like

I want to hear them

I want to know the people that I love


I stopped myself for a moment

I was thinking how do you love them

And you don’t know them

I don’t think you have to know someone to love them

it takes more effort to “like” them

You gotta get to know them

find out who they are

you have to keep going

getting deeper

with each one of them

you want to know

know them like you’d beg for someone

to know you

I ain’t gonna fake the funk

I don’t know them

I love them

love them all a lot

But I don’t know them

I don’t know if this is better

I guess I’ll find out



The sound of pencil to paper soothes my inner ear. I love pencils. Maybe it’s because it allows me to erase and instantly I am able to forget what was before and can only see what is now. Thank God life really isn’t like that because how would I learn from my mistakes if I had no memory of it. But on the other hand; if I were allowed to erase, others could forget my past mistakes and allow me what is written today.