A Shift Happened

There have been people to come and help along the way I often wonder if they knew that’s what they were doing my heart feels it so deep A shift happened let’s me know I’ve stepped into something new I’m trying to figure out my rhythm so excuse me if I feel a little offContinue reading “A Shift Happened”


I’ve realized how uncomfortable I get when people talk about other people, be it their clothes, their hair, and especially their personal business. I am not sure when it started, or if that feeling of being uncomfortable was always there lying dormant some place. Lately I’ve noticed it more and more. Now, it’s not toContinue reading “Uncomfortable”

Being of Service Part II

Some people think you shouldn’t tell people that or people will try to use you Well Just because I love to serve and feel called to do it doesn’t mean I’ll let you abuse me either and we have to learn the difference between being called and being served Not in a lowly type ofContinue reading “Being of Service Part II”


the closer you step to the edge people notice but you have to be careful with that because it can go both ways you’ll be watched either way but you never know if someone is going to save you so if you gonna do it you better be doing it for yourself because you wantContinue reading “Watched”

Too Much For You

Is this too much for you have I opened my soul too much that you can’t bear it I wonder how many people would just allow you to be you no matter who you are ….free that must be free

I Want To Know Them

I want to know them I want to talk to them more not everyday but enough enough to know them Know who they are Not just their names And what they do but I want to know what they like I want to hear them I want to know the people that I love deeperContinue reading “I Want To Know Them”


The sound of pencil to paper soothes my inner ear. I love pencils. Maybe it’s because it allows me to erase and instantly I am able to forget what was before and can only see what is now. Thank God life really isn’t like that because how would I learn from my mistakes if IContinue reading “Pencils”