Should I say something or not?

Last year when I was thinking about topics to write about the subject I’m going to speak on today was on that list.  It was one of the first things I wanted to speak on but if you have been reading my blogs you know that I’ve decided to go deeper within, so I haven’tContinue reading “Should I say something or not?”

Solidifying The Root

Focus and inner strength comes from doing the work. When you are working to increase within yourself spiritual knowledge, knowledge of self, self-worth, and growth you have to protect that. In the origins of finding one’s balance there is a type of aloneness that you have to undertake until you have solidified the newness thatContinue reading “Solidifying The Root”

I Love

I love your hues of brown some light in some places dark in others hues melded together making colors never before seen I love your hands always warm Beautiful but yet strong your feet although worn are like stilts taking you higher Although pain guides them with each step I love your eyes small butContinue reading “I Love”