Live Today

Live today

like it’s going to be

your last

whatever it is

that you

want to do

That  takes a lot

because you have to



that moment

could be

the last

first of all


to ask yourself

what would you like to do

with it


be okay with whatever

it is

at that moment

How many times

have you wanted

to do something

but were afraid

to do it

you gotta get past


to live

like it’s the last day

of your life

every moment

I wonder if

it’s worth it

I Want To Know Them

I want to know them

I want to talk to them more

not everyday but enough

enough to know them

Know who they are

Not just their names

And what they do

but I want to know what they like

I want to hear them

I want to know the people that I love


I stopped myself for a moment

I was thinking how do you love them

And you don’t know them

I don’t think you have to know someone to love them

it takes more effort to “like” them

You gotta get to know them

find out who they are

you have to keep going

getting deeper

with each one of them

you want to know

know them like you’d beg for someone

to know you

I ain’t gonna fake the funk

I don’t know them

I love them

love them all a lot

But I don’t know them

I don’t know if this is better

I guess I’ll find out

Staying In My Own Lane

I want to sing in my own key

Dance to my own tune

And not hold myself back because of you

I just want to do what feels right to me


So many things in life we do because we have to

Wouldn’t it be nice to just do you?


I just want to live in my head for a moment

There’s this place in there that’s so free

It allows my body to move however it feels

And it doesn’t care whose looking


I  just want to do the things that I can control my way

‘Not caring if I look like I’m crazy because I’m doing me

Because I’m okay with you doing you; however you do you

I  just want to be me


I’m talking something deeper than you could ever imagine

I  just want to be the best me that I can be

I want to know who’s around me but I don’t want to care

I  just want to stay in my own lane…