New Episode- Conversations With Kai Mann 11/1/2017

Join us on the couch Wed. November 1st at 7pm EST when we talk balancing life and hustling with Cassandra Carter.  Visit #fastlife #books #author #model#modeling #transformation #millennial

Guest Post-Forbidden Future Tour

Hello, my name is Jon Bradbury and I wrote the story Jump for the Forbidden Future Anthology. Writing is not as easy as it sounds. Think about your life. Think about all the million and one distractions zipping through your busy little mind right now. Drives you a little bit crazy, doesn’t it? Now, imagine,Continue reading “Guest Post-Forbidden Future Tour”

I Had To Do It

Somebody had to do it I couldn’t wait around for someone else I don’t know How long It was going to take Plus I wanted to feel it for myself Coming from me Wasn’t I supposed to do it Didn’t they have to have a model Someone that does it or is doing it AndContinue reading “I Had To Do It”