Healing From The Past -Part 2

Dealing and Healing They say that in order to heal you first have to deal so I took a look at the cards I had dealt myself over the past 20 years and honestly, I saw some things that I didn’t like. Although this began 20 years ago I still had to look at those experiences because they were effecting myContinue reading “Healing From The Past -Part 2”

Another Level

You know how we get all holier than thou And we think about what we wouldn’t do so but what if the Creator asked you It might seem crazy to everyone else but he wants you to And When you’re done you’ll have gone to a whole other level What if the person who youContinue reading “Another Level”

Expecting For You

You ever met someone someone who seems to go through it so much so that you start wondering what’s really going on I see you But What am I missing I want to see it I think there is a miracle coming There has to be I see lack And what could be seen as notContinue reading “Expecting For You”