Forgive It

All I should ever need is


this to fill me

to let go

this to eat

this to sleep

this giving

giving of self

and receiving it back

at the same level

nothing more



I breathe in the past

I don’t try to rush

it out

past the edge

of my


I let it in

I accept it

and forgive


and I forgive


I just think that

I should get full

from this

~Kai2pointO © Kai Mann 2014

You Just Can’t Say It Out Loud

I wonder what all this means

people being made to

accept something

by being fired

or broadcast

across Nations

will the rage be silent



what’s going to happen

Did you?

Time where the rubber

meets the road

where the time is now

to take faith

and put it into action

the time is now

to put everything you’ve learned

to the test

to prove it

to prove you

to prove him

You didn’t think you

were just going to talk

that talk

and not have to

walk that walk

Did you?


Many faces

I hear this and a host of memories flood my mind

and I don’t really know why

but at the same time

I do

It makes my eyes flutter

A rapid cessation of memories

flooding my mind

staying just long enough for me to see it

before the next one comes

I see it clearly

and then

I don’t…