That’s how you do it

We didn’t finish our love story Somewhere as it was unfolding I let go I thought I was ready I understand that this is what this season is for getting back to you I think I’m falling in love with you Slowly intently without even really knowing it I’m falling in love with you GentlyContinue reading “That’s how you do it”

Forgive It

All I should ever need is this this to fill me to let go this to eat this to sleep this giving giving of self and receiving it back at the same level nothing more nothing less I breathe in the past I don’t try to rush it out past the edge of my lungsContinue reading “Forgive It”

Our Two Souls Will Leap

I trust that better days are ahead why wouldn’t there be but it doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate now I do it’s my place of learning learning who I am what I’m capable of doing and what I’m doing I’ve had some amazing experiences in life I’ve got to have love like I don’tContinue reading “Our Two Souls Will Leap”

Did you?

Time where the rubber meets the road where the time is now to take faith and put it into action the time is now to put everything you’ve learned to the test to prove it to prove you to prove him You didn’t think you were just going to talk that talk and not haveContinue reading “Did you?”


I hear this and a host of memories flood my mind and I don’t really know why but at the same time I do It makes my eyes flutter A rapid cessation of memories flooding my mind staying just long enough for me to see it before the next one comes I see it clearlyContinue reading “Memories”

Expecting For You

You ever met someone someone who seems to go through it so much so that you start wondering what’s┬áreally going on I see you But What am I missing I want to see it I think there is a miracle coming There has to be I see lack And what could be seen as notContinue reading “Expecting For You”