The Hero’s Journey

This morning I think of being naked as I enter worship. I have this thing about being clean and giving God my best so I get up, get clean, and worship him. As naked and as clean as I can be; which means I have to be honest with him about ‘all’ of me. I ask how I work to shed that old skin and to heal, bring back the moisture and protection enough to see something crazy coming but to allow something just to happen as it is. This means I have to be in the moment at all times, careful not to only see the present but the possibilities of the future. The Hero’s journey. I feel like I’m the Hero of my life and I have to first sit at the feet of the master before I can go out into the world to not conquer it as much as to live it. Live it in all its seasons, reason, and questions. There are many but the answer is not as hard as you make it out to be. Give in, you know you want to. God’s love is amazing.

No Judgment

You can’t judge

circumstances until

you’ve seen the entire



Life, until you come to the end

is when you can judge it

Before then, it’s premature


Anything before that is

subject to debate


and rather debate

you do you


I’ll do


~ Kaiology

#Kaism #Kai2pointO

Kai Mann © 2014


Live Today

Live today

like it’s going to be

your last

whatever it is

that you

want to do

That  takes a lot

because you have to



that moment

could be

the last

first of all


to ask yourself

what would you like to do

with it


be okay with whatever

it is

at that moment

How many times

have you wanted

to do something

but were afraid

to do it

you gotta get past


to live

like it’s the last day

of your life

every moment

I wonder if

it’s worth it

Do What Makes You Happy

KaismThere has to come a time in your life where you just do what makes you happy. Surely, you can get to do that. I finally have decided that I’m going to do just that.

Not trying to hurt anyone else but I just want to do what I want without condemnation or guilt. And I won’t. I won’t look for or seek those feelings out.

There has to come a time in your life where you don’t care what anyone else has to say. You don’t hurt nobody and you don’t want nobody hurting you; so you do what you want to do, because time, is short.

Sometimes we fool ourselves to say that we ain’t supposed to do what we want. We not supposed to be happy. Everybody else is but not us. I won’t play martyr. I don’t know how much time I’ve got left. I’m going to do what I want to do and not feel guilty about it. Not no more.

I feel free to love me and do some things that will allow me to be my most authentic self. That’s what I want in-spite of anything. Whatever anything is.

I don’t want to even hear what others think. If I choose to wear white pants in the middle of winter I’m going to do it because you’re not guaranteed to be here next summer. I’m going to wear what I want, when I want. I don’t want to hear anybody say nothing negative. I’m not looking for it. I don’t care to hear it, because I don’t care about it. I just want to live.

I just want to live and be happy. I want to write, feel free to love me, to find me, so that if and when I can be my best me, for you.

If you want to come along that would be even better; but if not, that’s up to you….I’ll see you!

Staying In My Own Lane

I want to sing in my own key

Dance to my own tune

And not hold myself back because of you

I just want to do what feels right to me


So many things in life we do because we have to

Wouldn’t it be nice to just do you?


I just want to live in my head for a moment

There’s this place in there that’s so free

It allows my body to move however it feels

And it doesn’t care whose looking


I  just want to do the things that I can control my way

‘Not caring if I look like I’m crazy because I’m doing me

Because I’m okay with you doing you; however you do you

I  just want to be me


I’m talking something deeper than you could ever imagine

I  just want to be the best me that I can be

I want to know who’s around me but I don’t want to care

I  just want to stay in my own lane…