Talk Tuesday ~ Do Better

I had a conversation like I haven’t had in a long time. If you knew me, you’d know that I love to listen to good conversation. I wonder for a moment where that person went, it’s been so long. I used to be a good listener and last night reminded me just how much IContinue reading “Talk Tuesday ~ Do Better”

The People Closets to You

I love that you can change people’s minds you can give them something else Another way to see things Because they want to because they know there’s something more so they wanna know about it It’s funny how the people closets to you sometimes don’t see it I wonder why they don’t like its their jobContinue reading “The People Closets to You”

Eat the Meat and Spit out the Bones

When you try to give people something different and they respond with struggle you have to redirect your energy to those who want to listen and get something that they have never had. Sometimes we get hung up because we can’t see past the person who is delivering the goods. Maybe you’ll miss it nowContinue reading “Eat the Meat and Spit out the Bones”

I Said I Would

I said that I would I said that I would heed to the call when I heard it I said I would do it no matter what No matter how much fear tried to overwhelm my spirit No matter how much someone criticized what I am called to do No matter how much anyone triedContinue reading “I Said I Would”