Empire ~ Lucious Lyon

Lucious Lyon   I think that although Lucious truly hates that his son Jamal is gay, he does love him in his own way. Lucious is ashamed of Jamal and he thinks he’s being hard on him for a reason. I believe that he’s been trying to toughen him up from the first time heContinue reading “Empire ~ Lucious Lyon”

Thank You

When you do the work you’re not always sure how it will be received. I thank each and every one of you who’ve read my work: 30 Day Notice, Abandoned Property, and the Pen To Paper series. I extend an even more personal thank you to those who have “LIKED” my Facebook pages and haveContinue reading “Thank You”

Just Write: July 10th part 2

It’s good if you like it…. Remember that. Remember that when you wondering about what you doing. Remember that when everything ain’t always going right. Remember, it’s good if you like it. It’s good if it will make you forget it’s your story. When it takes you inside of it and wraps you in itsContinue reading “Just Write: July 10th part 2”