Conversations With Kai Mann

“This fall life changing conversations begin on “Conversations With Kai Mann” Join Kai Mann this fall on the “Conversations With Kai Mann show” as she bridges the gaps by bringing to you sensational interviews with guests who will share their stories and messages of success, life, love, hope, faith, spirituality, and transformation. Host: Kai MannContinue reading “Conversations With Kai Mann”

InkMann Press–Lessons, Blessings, and Weeds

InkMann Press Series–Lessons, Blessings, & Weeds “Diversions disguised as anything that would hinder you from the goal, purpose, plan, or process occurs when discipline fails to meet commitment.” –Kai Mann   The blessings in life happen when we position ourselves to receive more. When we start to allow what we learn to seep into ourContinue reading “InkMann Press–Lessons, Blessings, and Weeds”

InkMann Press Series ~ 2015

2015 came wrapped with numerous lessons, blessings, fulfillment and joy. While there were some difficult moments, 2015 has still been amazing. As today marks the last Tuesday in this year, I contemplate on the wisdom I’ve gained while spending most of my time cultivating and preparing for the next dimension of life.     AsContinue reading “InkMann Press Series ~ 2015”

You Me We Us

You the epitome of beauty you are love in its EVERY form definition called the same in every language you are the upper Eschelon of ALL things great and Small for those do add up I hold your hand in all that you do wish you well a gentle kiss upon your forehead Go getContinue reading “You Me We Us”

This Is What I’m Doing

I don’t know what all it takes not sure if I’ve even scratched the surface yet but I’ll tell you it doesn’t feel like it Feels like I got a long way to go but I don’t think I care I think I’m just interested in the ride. ~KaiologyInk #Kaism #Kai2pointO

Snap Out Of It

Shadows in the night that night cries silent muffled doors opening and closing jumps out of barely asleep shadows being watched to see what they’ll do next how do you come back from that How do you ‘snap’ out of it Mountains climbed 3500ft high life on our back snap out of it ***KaiologyInk***

Don’t Rush It

Everyone comes into your life for a reason a part of me wants to know why too soon I decide not to go that route and just let whatever unfold take my time instead of rushing anything I’m starting to feel like I like it better that way I tell myself to pay attention and keepContinue reading “Don’t Rush It”

It’s My Birthday

I don’t think it’s fair to know something that could possibly help someone else and you don’t share it. What I learn should be shared so that we can start walking more to an enlightened state, rather that ‘base’ thinking we are all doing. I say doing because we post all these wonderful quotes andContinue reading “It’s My Birthday”

Like That

I think they tell their stories the best way they know how Rappers tell the truth of what they see if they haven’t done it themselves but none of us are at the same place at the same time Do you remember you were there maybe not just like that for your life but likeContinue reading “Like That”

A Life Line

I don’t know I almost want to save it up I think I can take it for now when things get rough I want to have enough chances so that If I need to use a life line I can ~ Kaiology #Kaism #Kai2pointO Kai Mann © 2014