Don’t Rush It

Everyone comes into your life

for a reason

a part of me

wants to know why

too soon

I decide not to go that route

and just let whatever unfold

take my time

instead of rushing


I’m starting to feel like I like it


that way

I tell myself to pay attention

and keep my eyes


Don’t rush it ~Kaiology #Kaism #Kai2pointO #KaiologyInk

Real Love

You could let life’s trials

distract you into

sitting still

no longer

to get up

to move


but to be stuck

those who love you

will never try to

hinder your progress

they know how important

it is so they

help you walk

at the times

you need it


reminding you of what’s ahead.

Real Love, Pen To Paper ~ A Walk Into Destiny Kai Mann © 2014