Everything Ain’t Always, Okay

I feel like I can’t talk I just got it but I had no one to tell me but just as you think they got it they don’t This is getting stupid to watch someone keep doing the same stupid stuff over and over Ugh…Kai Mann © 2014 ~Kaiology #Kaism #Kai2pointO

Real Love

You could let life’s trials distract you into sitting still no longer to get up to move forward but to be stuck those who love you will never try to hinder your progress they know how important it is so they help you walk at the times you need it most reminding you of what’sContinue reading “Real Love”

My Mission

My mission to bring liberation mine in not the way that he does it or the way she does my own way someone has to stand up they say but I realize I have to stand up in what I believe we do we give in for so many so many times that we loseContinue reading “My Mission”

The Real Ones

Finding out who I am and what I’m made of for the first time Maybe if I had found out earlier I could’ve been better but with me things take time Oh, it didn’t used to I used to be fast faster than five minutes of sex it was over as quick as it startedContinue reading “The Real Ones”

Following Your Lead

I want to go some place I want to see some things I want to see more I don’t know where it is that I want to go Or Even what direction to go in I’m literally following your lead I’m trusting in where you’re taking me And I’m glad to go