where there is LIGHT

where there is LIGHT there is LOVE there is warmth a safe space a time of healing comes from light energy focused on shedding the old to get to the new we get distracted just as we’re about to see a bit of light keep going into the light Evolve Stretch Grow to get toContinue reading “where there is LIGHT”

Talk Tuesday ~Keep Going

When you’re ready it’ll come seize it as if you know it cause you do   this opportunity was designed just for you no one can do it better   When it’s time to move on distractions try to get in the way don’t let nothing stop you be diligent   What if I hadContinue reading “Talk Tuesday ~Keep Going”

Only When I Write

    Only when I write Only when I write Can I challenge myself To empty myself out onto a page and to be able to see see what that’s like I love the consciousness of it Like I can sit outside of myself and interview myself It feels so good I can’t tell youContinue reading “Only When I Write”