Appreciate One Another

Our prayer should be that we as humans begin to appreciate one another for who we are and not for who we’d like each other to be. That we will no longer judge one another for not being like the other. And that we will no longer hold each other Hostage to live according toContinue reading “Appreciate One Another”

InkMann Press Series–The Secret Place

InkMann Press Series — The Secret Place   There comes a time in our lives when the journey calls for complete transformation. This part of the journey is a root deepening and soul defying phase that often asks us to transform in unique ways. In the past we would allow ourselves to get away withContinue reading “InkMann Press Series–The Secret Place”


Think about things from all angles so that you don’t have to say “I didn’t think of it that way” Extend your thinking past you when you do this it makes it easier to apologize rather than thinking you’re always right. You have to stand in someone else’s shoes, or at least try.  

That’s Hard

You ever hear someone say something that’s so messed up that all you can say is “Whew!” with your shoulders up to your ears because you were so shocked I don’t know anybody who works for McDonald’s or Burger King But I know one at Wendy’s And I know it must be hard to do thatContinue reading “That’s Hard”

I Wanna Know

How do you do something so good that you weren’t going to be able to do anymore What was the purpose in that Did I miss something Did I get too comfortable Did I not use the gift as it was supposed to be used was I cursed like the guy in the Bible whoContinue reading “I Wanna Know”

Know Someone

It takes some time to know a person I am not sure if it’s paying close attention because people change without knowing that they are just by the mere touch of another  their words their actions their thoughts Can change you Change the shape of who you are and sometimes you don’t realize it soContinue reading “Know Someone”