Don’t Get Sucked In

me, GROWING AND PROUD OF MYSELF. This morning I sit and create with the thoughts that God gave me. I am reminded of two videos I started working on for a client late yesterday and how to top them off. And then, my thoughts go to a meeting that I have on Monday. At theContinue reading “Don’t Get Sucked In”

The People Closets to You

I love that you can change people’s minds you can give them something else Another way to see things Because they want to because they know there’s something more so they wanna know about it It’s funny how the people closets to you sometimes don’t see it I wonder why they don’t like its their jobContinue reading “The People Closets to You”

Life Wasn’t Made For Repeat

  It’s important to be To be honest on both occassions The point is to be authentic no matter what I don’t know yet if anyone else Really appreciates it or if I appreciate it more No matter what I want to be honest Sometimes I am more honest than I really meant to beContinue reading “Life Wasn’t Made For Repeat”

Life will come to do what it’s supposed to do

Today started out like any other day, until I did my normal routine of checking for reviews on my first novel.  It would happen at the very moment that my second novel is to come out that I would receive a very negative review. I had to laugh at myself because my first reaction wasContinue reading “Life will come to do what it’s supposed to do”