Conversations With Kai Mann Is Back Today!

Conversations With Kai Mann Digest We have a surprise! Today August 2nd at 7pm EST we are BACK!. by Kai Mann on August 02 The second season differs from the 1st season as it is much more intimate to a conversation and not just a show or an interview.  Although the show’s opener is aContinue reading “Conversations With Kai Mann Is Back Today!”

Conversations With Kai Mann- Jo The Giant

Tonight we talk with the 4 foot 6 Giant, Jo The Giant that is! Join us as we talk transformation, healing, relationships, fear, and what it takes to be great. Log on to Every Wednesday at 7pm EST log on to Conversation: Jo The Giant Facebook: @jothegiant Instagram: @jo_the_giant Host: Kai MannContinue reading “Conversations With Kai Mann- Jo The Giant”