Love Notices

I used to love love

like that

I’m not sure

I know what


I do

but I don’t understand

what effect

that has

on me

I’m talking bout

that love






that tugs

at you

from within

dragging everything



that kind of love

that takes you

through it all

and at

the end

you’re both

still standing there

they say if God

takes something

from you

He gives you



I can’t imagine

Something’s missing

God helps me

like I know it’s HIM


I feel it

just a little nudge

of what to

pay attention


the question is

“will I heed the nudge”

life’s notices

are sometimes hard

to act upon

I wish it was something

I could tell


but they are



if you let go

of them

it gets easier.

I might be wrong

but someone who

loves you will

let you be you

while helping you

be better

~ Kaiology Kai Mann © 2014

#Kaism #Kai2pointO


30 Day Notice on Barnes and Noble

What If

Going higher

What if

If you win

If you go farther

farther than you expected

Could you imagine life

I just wanna see how far I can go

You can’t worry

about anyone else

I mean

you gotta want it

Want it so bad

so bad that you want them to come along

but if they can’t


then you have to let them go

no matter who they are

you have to know

what’s important

try the same rules across the board

Sometimes I wonder

Wonder if

some of us even know that

or if they don’t care

Don’t care to do

something different

because you can

rather than not  doing it

because you don’t know any better

I just wonder

I was looking for someone

someone to show me

but I couldn’t

I couldn’t find anyone

So I decided

Decided to

just do it myself

I realized

that everyone

was gone

So I had to be that for me

I say

all of the time

talk yourself through it

so when

all you have

is you

You have to take care

of you

What if



It almost seems impossible

Not to think about the past

The past is tangible

It’s something you can see, touch, and some cases feel

I want to go to another level

Where there is more

more than that

that happens then this

I’m ready to do something different

I got a taste for it

I’m craving it

I just feel like it’s time

Time to go higher

Just pick up our feet

And just do it

We always kidding

But for real what are we doing

For real though…

What are we doing

have we ever really said

But then apart of me


so what

Why you gotta be doing something

Staying In My Own Lane

I want to sing in my own key

Dance to my own tune

And not hold myself back because of you

I just want to do what feels right to me


So many things in life we do because we have to

Wouldn’t it be nice to just do you?


I just want to live in my head for a moment

There’s this place in there that’s so free

It allows my body to move however it feels

And it doesn’t care whose looking


I  just want to do the things that I can control my way

‘Not caring if I look like I’m crazy because I’m doing me

Because I’m okay with you doing you; however you do you

I  just want to be me


I’m talking something deeper than you could ever imagine

I  just want to be the best me that I can be

I want to know who’s around me but I don’t want to care

I  just want to stay in my own lane…