Conversations With Kai Mann- Shoni Davis “Inohs Sivad”

on Nov 23, 2016 You know her as “Inohs Sivad”. Tonight we talk freedom, self awareness, and self sabotage with singer Shoni Davis. If ever there was a time to transform the time is now. Shoni has called upon her higher self to bring forth gifts she never knew she had. Join us for aContinue reading “Conversations With Kai Mann- Shoni Davis “Inohs Sivad””

Conversations With Kai Mann- How Will You Use Your Life

Kai Mann, the host of the show Conversations With Kai Mann has been blessed with the opportunity to talk with some amazing people. This season she has had conversations with people who have had some type of transformation happen in their lives; people that have not only survived but thrived. Kai believes that the thingsContinue reading “Conversations With Kai Mann- How Will You Use Your Life”