Radical Transformation

Shifting isn’t always easy…

It is not easy to change

you have to be in agreement

with it

in order

to do so

otherwise it’s a fight

to the death

but even when you’re in


sometimes the nakedness

of the change

effects you like cool air

when you’re not feeling

warm & fuzzy

but you want to

be naked

because you know

that the level of


you’re looking to get

takes radical


and a willingness

to be open



when it doesn’t feel

so comfortable

We Conquer As We Go

I think she thinks

she’s doing the right thing

but it just seems

like some old demons

money couldn’t buy

came to visit

and stayed too long

It’s hard to leave the old you

in a place

where you thought you

buried her

and she jumps out atcha oneday

and says


you can’t even stop her

from doing it

she is just on autopilot now

She’ll be okay though

 we all go through things

and we aren’t

all good

there are some parts of us

are still wrong

we conquer as we go