I Know You

  I know you I know why you said that I remember you you’ve been through a lot so I hear why you’re telling her not to cry but everybody ain’t always as strong as you when you are   it would be nice but it seems that way but it’s not

I Shall Rise

Love sought out like it was a drug Alone but not lonely though Mind filled with chatter somewhere along the lines the chatter stopped I don’t know the exact date I just remember the last time I remember a time when I was deep when my thoughts were deep Where I thought down to theContinue reading “I Shall Rise”

Do What Makes You Happy

There has to come a time in your life where you just do what makes you happy. Surely, you can get to do that. I finally have decided that I’m going to do just that. Not trying to hurt anyone else but I just want to do what I want without condemnation or guilt. AndContinue reading “Do What Makes You Happy”

I Said I Would

I said that I would I said that I would heed to the call when I heard it I said I would do it no matter what No matter how much fear tried to overwhelm my spirit No matter how much someone criticized what I am called to do No matter how much anyone triedContinue reading “I Said I Would”