Can’t Bend Any Lower

I didn’t do the best

sometimes I get down

on myself

because it could’ve

been different

I don’t know

if they would’ve

been better

but I know

that I wouldn’t be here

and it’s hard to

enjoy here

when all the buildings

are tumbling

down around me

because the foundation

was shaky from the beginning

It hurts

but I’m not

sure how to even

make it


I know that it’s not a loss

cause everything’s possible

but where to start

and what to do

how do we

step up

to the next


cause this one



and I’m tired

of getting down on myself

and I want to heal

but every time

you do that thing

you do

my back seems

to go lower

and I just

can’t bend any


any more.


#Kaism #Kai2pointO

Take A Moment

At first

it is not

always easy

to see things

as a blessing

but if you

can take a moment

to step outside

of the obstacle

to see that

It’s not blocking

All ways

just that one

then we can

heal ourselves

a little faster.

Not Everyone Can Go

I wish but deeply pray

that you could go with me on this journey

I don’t know if it is possible for you to ride with me

I know you’re not ready

I wish you were

I secretly pray that you were

But you can’t

You’re not ready to explore

Explore the depths of your own soul

You want to continue to look on the outside

For the light

The light that you already possess

You don’t want to look at your scars

And turn them into strength

You look at them as the flaws or weaknesses in you

Rather than look at how they make you strong

You play around with the truth

Told the same story so much

You believe it

I’m not asking you to pick at the scab

But to put a little ointment on it

So you can begin to heal

For real

Not the cover up that you place on top

And whenever asked

You get taken to a place where no one understands

Because you’re not ready

Ready to go on that journey

That journey to look deeper

To be deeper

To change your thoughts

You know that it can be lonely

But it’s necessary

You don’t want to open it

Peel back the layers so you can

Purify your soul