Talk Tuesday ~ Do Better

I had a conversation like I haven’t had in a long time. If you knew me, you’d know that I love to listen to good conversation. I wonder for a moment where that person went, it’s been so long. I used to be a good listener and last night reminded me just how much IContinue reading “Talk Tuesday ~ Do Better”

I’m Pulling For You

                      Sometimes I say a silent prayer for you I know we’re not friends But I read your Facebook statuses and Tweets I see your pain Although I rarely say anything I say a lot Because I talk to God About you In hopes thatContinue reading “I’m Pulling For You”

A Lesson In Friendship~My Sister’s Keeper

I posted last week how I was given the opportunity to speak to a group of young ladies.  Well, during the conversation with them I asked “What is the best thing to do if I have an issue with her (pointing to their coach), talk to her or tell someone else?” Well, a couple ofContinue reading “A Lesson In Friendship~My Sister’s Keeper”

I’m Just Saying

So, we’re always told to be ourselves but it’s crazy that most of us are so afraid of being just that. Here goes. I just wanted to kind of feel bad for writing the article I just wrote for examiner because it is so biased.  But I feel like Man, forget it. Somebody’s gotta sayContinue reading “I’m Just Saying”

Examiner-Seeking friendship advice from another friend

You and one of your friends are having a conversation about another friend that you are no longer communicating with. You state to that friend that while the two of you are not communicating there is also a great deal of tension that exists. The friend that you are speaking to after hearing the detailsContinue reading “Examiner-Seeking friendship advice from another friend”