Too Much For You

Is this too much for you have I opened my soul too much that you can’t bear it I wonder how many people would just allow you to be you no matter who you are ….free that must be free

Now or Later

Jesus is not free being a follower lends you some sacrifice thatĀ seems sometimes worth it but because of the pain it costs and where it leads you later And you just have to decide which is more important you want it now or later what if now wasn’tĀ even close to later What if you would’veContinue reading “Now or Later”

That was Free

  I remember dancing so free I don’t remember the last time I just danced I remember shaking my shoulder length locs from side to side in rhythm with my feet. I remember feeling so free Like I was shaking off everything. It felt good I didn’t have a whole lot But I had somethingContinue reading “That was Free”