How We Really Feel

I think that too often we won’t tell people how we really feel because we’re afraid to hurt their feelings. We don’t give people enough credit and we say how much a person can handle It’s not up to us Tell your truth people are strong enough to handle it And if it does hurtContinue reading “How We Really Feel”

It’s love

That’s that love I always felt more alive by feeling every emotion there is to feel I feel compelled to feel them all it’s something about the intertwining of the feelings that take you on a high Like nothing else it’s love


It’s not that you enjoy negative feelings You get used to them and they begin to be more comfortable… Not good But familiar Anything else sometimes isn’t familiar but the more unfamiliar feelings you allow the more you have something New to become familiar with In order to replace that comfort You have to doContinue reading “Familiar”

Do Something Differently Now

If I knew then what I know now I would do things a little differently Even though The results would be the same  way I did it I would’ve done that I’d give a little more A little more patience It’s amazing how you look at things much later Years Have gone by and youContinue reading “Do Something Differently Now”

What I’ve learned about me

I feel like lately I’ve learned a couple of things about myself; that I don’t really care for small talk.  I love deep in-depth conversations where I can learn something new. I prefer a one on one where there’s two people talking sometimes one at a time and sometimes at the same time. I love that IContinue reading “What I’ve learned about me”