Controlled Emotions Too

When you learn to control your


in a healthy


a way that says

“that emotion


a lie”

it is not what you feel

That emotion is what’s


Be yourself

and feel your


feelings. ~Kaiology #Kaism #Kai2pointO #KaiologyInk

Writing Feature ~ Kelly Greene

Kelly Head ShotHeart of a Writer

Have you ever met a writer? Do you know any personally? If so, good! If not, even better! They say only a writer can totally understand another writer, which is true.  However, I am going to do you a favor. I am going to give you a gift of insight into a Writer’s heart.

On the outside, Writers are hard to spot. We like all the things most other people like. You might spot us with a notepad in tow. You never know what ideas might hit us during our travels.  A building, a fountain, or an ordinary lamp can turn into a 500 page novel. We are very observant. Details are a must! We have to use words to tell a story in full color. It is quite possible that a writer saw you in your favorite shirt one day and your shirt was later worn by the love interest in the story. The way you wore that shirt was true inspiration.

Inspiration is key for us Writers. Don’t believe me? Let one of us fall in love with you. The unexpected love notes left on your car or attached to a beautiful gift blow you away. Sentences formed with the technique of a craftsman laced with their feelings for you, give you a literary embrace. Our provocative paragraphs seduce you before and after each date. You will become our muse. Our latest projects will reek of the happiness you have brought us. When a Writer is in love, it shows. For every Writer, passion is everything.

A Writer’s heart is pure passion. It guides us. It motivates us. It is common for a Writer to lose sense of time while writing. There is no greater joy for a Writer than when the passion in their hearts ignites the gift in their hands. From there is where you, the reader benefits. For we give the fruits of our passion to you. That is what is in the Heart of a Writer.


K. Greene



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Random thoughts-Mannblings (Ramblings)

They say that you can’t help who you fall in love with but I’m not so sure that’s true. But, I guess after you’ve fallen in love with someone it might be. What if you could see a person for who they were before-hand. Would you really choose to fall in love with them, or would you still fall in love with them because you just couldn’t help it? Most often we look but we don’t see.  We fall in love with ideas of people and most often not the person themselves. We make a choice to fall in love with people because of who or what we believe them to be. Maybe if the heart and head were not connected in some way. My belief is that we choose to fall in love whether we’re deciding to open ourselves up to whatever cause they display or because we are ready for love and believe they are the right choice.

If God gave us the choice to fall in love with him, wouldn’t we have the same choice to fall in love with others?