Many faces

I hear this and a host of memories flood my mind

and I don’t really know why

but at the same time

I do

It makes my eyes flutter

A rapid cessation of memories

flooding my mind

staying just long enough for me to see it

before the next one comes

I see it clearly

and then

I don’t…

I Love


I love

your hues of brown

some light

in some places


in others


melded together

making colors

never before seen

I love

your hands

always warm


but yet strong

your feet

although worn

are like stilts

taking you higher

Although pain

guides them with

each step

I love

your eyes


but they



than you could

ever imagine

that you

would go

I love

your mouth

not too big

yet not too small



ready to bless

with thoughts

given by

the Creator

I love

your mind

you see your faults

but are eager

to change them

into greatness

because you know

that learning is


than not

And that life

is about growing


getting better

I love

your stretch marks

they bear witness

to the life

that you gave

A constant reminder

that you

are the root

that gives


to the tree

its branches

and leaves

It took awhile

to see you

but now

I do


I love you

for who you were

For who you are

for who you will become

I love me…

There’s Been A Shift

Things are

going to


a little



I can feel it

There’s been a shift

There’s been


step made

I can feel it

I love how

it feels

Just a little



I can

not only

see it

I can

feel it

Seeing is usually subjective

Based on


it’s looking at

How far it is





You can’t always

feel it


no connection

but there’s a connection


the eyes


the heart

It’s almost one

And they

aren’t that close

in distance

I can feel

that I’m

doing something


I haven’t done this before

Sometimes It’s Hard To Watch

My Eye


Sometimes it’s hard to watch

But I gotta keep my eyes open

In case you fall

I can pick you up

Sometimes it’s hard to watch

But I gotta keep my eyes open

Even when you seem to self-destruct

Sometimes it’s hard to watch

Your words come across the screen

Trying to find your own way

But I tell myself that you’re just letting off steam

But still, it’s hard to watch

Even though I know that you’re destined to be King

It’s still hard to watch

Sometimes my hands beg to cover my eyes

But right before they do

I get a wonderful surprise

I realize that no matter what

I want to see it all

So when you’re King

I can remind you how you rose & did not fall

I Said I Would

I said that I would

I said that I would heed to the call when I heard it

I said I would do it no matter what

No matter how much fear tried to overwhelm my spirit

No matter how much someone criticized what I am called to do

No matter how much anyone tried to distract me


I said that I would

I said that I would be obedient to your will

I said that I would do it no matter what

I said I’d do it even if you took me in a different direction

Even if I didn’t know where I was going

Even if what I started out doing changes

I said that I would continue


I said that I would

I said that I would do it no matter what

I said that I would do it even if I saw no end result

That I wouldn’t let my eyes disturb your vision

That I would only listen for the sound of your voice


I said that I would

I said that I would keep you first

I said that I wouldn’t get in the way

That I would remain humble to your presence

That I would stay in my place


I said that I would…